Blind Tiger Comedy Student Policy Review
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The policies you're about to read through are very important to making great comedy possible. You will need about 15 minutes to read through them carefully and sign off.

Please initial each section after you read it. Your initial will be taken as an acknowledgement and acceptance of our policies.

If you have questions or feedback, we welcome it! Email us at
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Form 1) Comedy Class Guidelines Agreement
All BTC students and teachers are required to read, sign and follow these Guidelines.

Your teacher will discuss these with you more on the first day of class, and your questions and clarifications will be very welcome.

The Guidelines are laid out below, and can be read in their full Google Document format here:
We’ll Check In *
Every time you’re in class or performing, you and your classmates will be asked if there’s anything everyone needs to know to do comedy with you that day. Examples could be:
  • An access need (i.e. “I can’t jump today so don’t ask me to in a scene, please”) 
  • Content boundary (i.e. “I’d like to avoid scenes about funerals today, please”)
  • If you have nothing to share, say “nothing to report."

Initial below to confirm this works for you!
We’ll Share Our Pronouns *
At the start of each class and performance, every student and teacher is given space to share their name and gender pronouns. Initial below to confirm this works for you!
We’ll Paint with Bright Colours *
Do your best to keep the content of scenes fun for everyone. If the instructor feels that the content is inappropriate or too difficult to work with they will redirect the scene or pause it. 

Initial below to confirm this works for you!
We’ll Give Each Other Physical Space *
Making physical contact in improv scenes requires trust. When you’re just starting out in Intro 1, or are in the first few weeks of a new class, do not touch your classmates. As we build trust in later classes and higher levels, you and your classmates may decide together you are comfortable with more contact.  Initial below to confirm this works for you!
We’ll Welcome All Stories *
We of course have all had different experiences, and if you feel comfortable sharing something that is unique to your own personal history (for example, a food you ate with your family growing up) you are very welcome to share those details in a scene - even if your scene partner or teacher may not recognize it.  Initial below to confirm this works for you!
Illness Attendance Policy *

If you are feeling sick, whether with symptoms of COVID-19 or another illness, do NOT come to your comedy class or show. Simply email your teacher to let them know, even last minute is ok if necessary (though we really appreciate notice where possible!).

The Blind Tiger team will do its best to support students needing to miss class with symptoms. Your teacher and classmates will fill you in on what you missed, and if significant class time is missed the admin team will set you up with a credit for next semester. To access this credit, have your teacher email our General Manager with the details.

Your teacher may need to miss time if they have symptoms. Every effort will be made to replace any teacher who is being cautious, but this may lead to last minute cancellations as circumstances arise. Classes will be rescheduled, and credits will be offered in cases where classes cannot be made up in a reasonable manner. 

Obviously, we’re all in this together. Please do not put attending a comedy class before the safety of your fellow classmates and teachers, and BTC will do our best to support you in making safe choices!
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