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Please complete this form if you are interested in recording an oral history interview in Dallas this July. The oral history interviews, which will be recorded on video, should be a conversation among family members. Plan to have at least two people in the interview. It can be any combination of family members: husband and wife, parent with children, a set of cousins, etc. You may choose to have one person interview the other or have each participant ask questions of each other.

Due to time restrictions, we may not be able to accommodate all interview requests. You will receive notification confirming your oral history interview and your appointment time prior to the start of the convention.
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Who will participate in the interview? Please include the relationship between each participants (husband and wife, grandparent and grandchild, sisters, etc.)
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Oral History Appointment
Interviews are expected to take about 40 minutes. Appointments will be scheduled in one-hour blocks on Friday, July 1 (9-6) and Saturday, July 2 (9-6) in the Steuben Room of the Anatole Hilton
What times are you available for the interview?
Please check all time periods that you will be available. You will be assigned a formal interview time prior to the convention.
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Example: if you checked off Friday morning, but are only available from 9-10, please note that here.
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