Friends of St. Peter's - Save the Church
A church cannot exist on faith alone.  It needs a solid financial framework to survive.  It needs both spiritual leadership and management expertise.  Please share your thoughts about St. Peter's.  How would YOU like to see the church transformed?  

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1.  Name & Contact Information.  Please indicate if you'd like to be on our mailing list.  You may complete the survey anonymously if you'd like.
2.  Are you a member of St. Peter's congregation? *
3.  When was the last time you attended St. Peter's?  For what event? *
4.  How do you feel about the church and current activities? *
Very unsatisfied
Very Satisfied
Not Applicable
The church facility (building).
Feeling welcomed.
The Minister and sermons.
Bible Study.
Music performances.
Receiving notices of church events.
Getting value for my donation.
5.  We are facing difficult times in our church where we have to fight for our existence.   What would you value most going forward? *
Strongly Agree
Strongly Disagree
Not Applicable
Keeping the church at 817 Mt. Pleasant Road.
Having church services in Estonian.
Having church services in English.
Having Estonian community activities.
Having inclusive local community activities.
Fostering friendships within our congregation.
Providing Sunday School/Youth Education
6.  What type of future community activities do you envision at St. Peter's?  for the church membership?  for the community at large? *
7.  If you aren't one of the few that currently attend regular Sunday services, why haven't you participated in services recently?  What would make you want to come to St. Peter's more often? *
8.  Would you like to volunteer to help save St. Peter's?   Are you a marketing or tech expert?  Work in public relations?  Able to assist with fund raising, social events, or making phone calls?  All kinds of help is needed and welcomed.
9.  Any other comments?  Please elaborate.
10.  May we share your ideas in our vision and on our website? *
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