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You will NEED to watch this masterclass; My key strategies to dodging a dysfunctional relationship. Watch here;

Give yourself at least an hour to complete this application process. If you do not complete this video, you will not be able to schedule a call with me. This is not for the curious. SYA is for the woman who is 100% ready for coaching. Please watch the video and fill out the application honestly.

Therapy is for your past. "Friends create comfort, a mentor (a coach) create growth." - Dr. Delatorro McNeal
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Do you feel like: you have your life together (career-wise and financially) you're doing alright. *
(From Video) There is a lot of confusion in your.... *
(From Video) How many times have you written him off only to find yourself back with him/not breaking up with him? *
(From Video) Has anyone ever had a conversation with you about what makes a healthy relationship vs. an unhealthy relationship? *
Does the following statement describe you/resonate with you? Men don't have to lie to you to be with you. If you like him enough, you'll lie to yourself. *
Have you been actively trying to figure out what you're doing wrong in relationships?? (Googling, listening to podcast, reading etc) *
In your past relationship(s) would you say you: *
Would you say that with most guys you can set boundaries with. It's just when you actually like a guy all your rules seem to go out the window? *
What have you tried to stay out of a dysfunctional relationship? *
Do you have or have you had a therapist? *
What do you need guidance and support in the most right now? *
Where do you want to be 3 months from now? *
The woman you want to be 3 months from now… if you don't go on an intentional guided journey will you be her? (The invest is worth it isn't it? Because what've you been trying isn't working or is it?) *
The investment for my services is $3500. If this number scared you and made you want to cancel this questionnaire, don't! Aren't you here for a reason? Is healing/changing this area in your life a priority or no? (6 or 8 month payment plan available for a little more**) *
**Please be respectful and let me know if you get to this point and decide not to fill out the application.** Ghosting is for F-boys not for you sis, so let me know.
If your application is approved, are you committed to showing up to the call on time? (serious inquires only) *
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