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The site's goal is to help people who are experiencing sexual harassment at work in Canada. When you visited, was that clear to you? 
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Which of the following helped you understand it? Please check all that apply.
If you had to describe the site using only 2-3 adjectives, what would they be?
Do you think Aftermetoo will help people who are experiencing workplace sexual harassment?
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If your friend was being sexually harassed at work, would you recommend Aftermetoo to them?
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Please tell us what you liked about the site. Please be as specific and detailed as possible :)
What kinds of people do you think Aftermetoo is trying to reach? 

(Their age, gender, the kind of job they might have, where they might live, etc.) 
Where would you situate Aftermetoo on this scale?
too dark and sad
too cheerful and optimistic
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Did you notice any mistakes or anything broken? 
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Please tell us what you didn't like. Please be honest -- you will be helping us make the site better :) 
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