BiCi Co - Bikes for Job Access
Thanks for inquiring regarding the BiCi Co. Bikes for Job Access Program. We ask that the Counselor/Parole Officer/After School staff/Case Manager/etc take a lead role in vetting candidates who ask to receive bikes, and limit the opportunity to those who are stable, engaged, and actively seeking employment opportunities or need consistent quality transportation to current employment.

Please provide the following information for us to log the referral name into our system. The program costs $20 which is required at the time of picking up the bike. The participant will receive a helmet, lock, light, and a bicycle appropriate for their height (Note: While we seek to accommodate individual tastes, our first concern is that the bike fits properly. We are only able to make a few bikes available). If the individual cannot afford the $20, some agencies have paid the fee on behalf of the participant either as a grant or a loan.

We are able to process up to three bike requests/week. Please include a reliable email and phone number for the participant or a person that we can reach to let them know when their bike is ready to be picked up.

If you have any questions, please contact BiCi Co at
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