To: Parents, Friends, Families, and School Community

From: Crofton Middle School PTA

Your input is very important to us! We’ve spent some time reviewing last year’s activities, the impact COVID-19 continues to have on our school community and considering possibilities for next year. We need YOUR help in preparing for this coming year’s PTA virtual programs, events and activities. Take a moment to complete this form and tell us what is important to YOU. Your candid and constructive responses would be greatly appreciated.
Please complete this form by August 21st.
* All individual surveys will be kept anonymous.

Thank you for continuing to be involved in your child’s education!
From what sources do you get most of your information about school?
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From what you know about your PTA, what does the PTA do that you are most impressed with?
From what you know about your PTA, what does the PTA need to improve on most?
As you think about your child and his/her education, what topic[s] would you be most interested in learning more about? Please be specific.
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