Senior - September 2021
Seniors - D&E College Application, Fee Waiver Request, and ACT/SAT - Due Sept. 30
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Have there been any changes that need to be added to your medical form or have there been changes to your phone number/address? Record changes here or have your parents contact UB staff. If you have had your COVID vaccine and would like to be exempt from the mask policy at D&E, please send a photo of your vaccine card to UB staff.
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Apply to D&E
All UB seniors are required to apply to Davis & Elkins College. The free application can be found at *
YOU MUST APPLY TO D&E TO GET CREDIT FOR TUTORING THIS MONTH. UB will send your transcript and any test scores that we have on file for you. You just need to fill out the online application.
Application Fee Waiver Request
All UB seniors are required to apply to at least four colleges. UB provides application fee waivers to colleges with admission fees.
List the other colleges you plan to apply to and UB will give you a waiver to use for each application that has a fee. *
My email address is:
UB will also email your application fee waiver letter directly to you.
In order to complete the application process, you must send the following materials to the college: *
Check each box to show that you understand.
ACT/SAT Score Review
All UB students are required to take a college entrance exam. ACT and SAT scores are used to qualify for the PROMISE Scholarship and can help you get into the college of your choice and avoid remedial classes.

You can use four fee waivers for the ACT and two for the SAT. UB will pay for extra attempts on the ACT or SAT if you have already used your waivers.

If you are interested in ACT prep classes, UB can pay for you to take Dr. Moudry's "I'm Ready - ACT Prep" course.
You must commit to all class dates per session.
My (highest) ACT/SAT score is: *
Please indicate if your test score already qualifies for the PROMISE Scholarship. SAT requires a score of 1100 total (510 in math and 540 in reading). ACT requires a composite score of a 22 with a 20 in the English, math, reading, and science subsections. Your graduating class qualifies for super-scoring which allows students to take their top scores from sub-sections of different ACT or SAT tests they've taken and combine them for a higher overall score!
What is your current GPA? Do you think your classes this year will help improve your overall grade point average? *
I'm Ready ACT Classes -Email if you would like to sign up and UB will pay your fee!
Please take advantage of our "on-call tutoring" again this year as needed!
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