Big Boat Usage Report
This report is for all boats with INBOARD ENGINES.

Using this Form:

1. Complete sections 1-3 (Pre-Sail Checklists) and submit the form. An email will be sent to you once you submit the form.
2. When you return from sailing, open the email and click on the "edit" submission option in the form. Complete section 4 (Post-Sail Checklist) and resubmit your form.

Please refer to the boat manual for assistance (in the nav table or find a digital one under "Current Members" on our website). Use password: ssc2016! to login to the "Current Members" page for the boat manuals.

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Refueling Requests from SSC.
We are requesting that members refuel boats when possible before your sail. All of our inboard engine boats take diesel and when you go to fuel up, ask the fuel dock to charge Seattle Sailing Club. On J/105s if they tank is 5/8s full, leave it as is. Thank you!
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