In the latest Red Pine Camp 5 year plan, the Board of Directors and the Operating Committee noted that over the next 5 to 10 years, many of our cabins will need to be replaced.

We all know that the cabins are a big part of the Red Pine experience, but we also know
that camp culture, as well as our campers and their expectations, have evolved over the
80 plus years since some of the first cabins were built. We want to ensure that the new
cabins reflect our wants and needs as we move towards our second century of family camping.
As a key part of that undertaking, we will be developing a "reference design" for our replacement cabins. Before we finalize that design, we'd like your input.

Some aspects of the new design will be dictated by building codes or OCA guidelines,
but much is up to us. We have offered up some questions below to stimulate your thinking, but add anything you'd like to the comments at the end of this survey. Our goal is to get feedback we can use to generate 'themes' to pass on to the architecture subcommittee as they work to develop the reference design.

While we can't guarantee that every idea will make it into the plan, please tell us, nonetheless, what you like or don't like about the cabins today, and what practical changes you would recommend.

The objective is that over the winter the architecture committee will incorporate this input, regulatory guidelines and of course cost into a design we can use to begin our renewal project.

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