Prom Survey
Here at Seventeen, we're thinking about prom 24/7, and we know a lot of you have been planning for the night for months, so we would love to hear what you have in store for prom 2019 (especially what's in your shopping cart). These results may be featured in an upcoming story on
Who are you dress shopping with?
Are you shopping at a retail location or online?
Who's paying for your dress?
How much are you planning to spend on your dress?
How many dresses did you try on before choosing one? (Or, how many do you plan on trying on?)
When did you start looking for a dress or when do you plan to start looking?
Are you also buying additional accessories?
How much do you think you’ll spend on shoes, purse etc.?
Where are you looking for prom dress inspiration?
Would you wear a suit or pants to prom instead of a dress?
How will you choose the color of your dress?
What are some prom fashion trends all your friends are talking about this year?
Your answer
Are you buying a separate outfit for after prom?
Do you plan to do your own hair and makeup or get it done by a professional?
Do you plan to get ready alone or with your friends?
Are you planning to match your prom date?
Are you going to prom with a date or friends?
Did you or your date plan an elaborate promposal?
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