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Thank you so much for inviting Girls Rock Philly to perform! We do not always have bands that are "on call" and "ready to go" to perform, and therefore, when performance opportunities arise, we extend the invitation to our Youth Action Council and community members. While there are occasions when we are able to actively organize a group of young people or adults to perform, we sometimes act as more of a "switchboard operator" and connect performers to potential gigs.

If you fill out this form, we will put a call out to our community members and connect you to performers!

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Mission Statement: Girls Rock Philly is a youth-centered music organization dedicated to building an intergenerational community of girls, women, and trans and gender non-conforming people. Through the practice of fearless expression, artistic experimentation, and collaboration, we build the confidence and leadership skills needed to transform ourselves and our communities. Our staff, volunteers, and participants foster a joyful culture of creativity, critical thinking, and collective care in order to build a more safe and equitable world.
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