AOFE Fall 2020 Reopening Plan Models and Learning Preference
Please indicate which Tentative Reopening Plan you would choose for your child in the fall. These plans are subject to change to NYC DOE guidelines and regulations. Also please take the informal internal poll of your Learning Preference for your child for the Fall 2020.
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1. My learning preference for my child for Fall 2020 is:
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2. What is your biggest concern with the Reopening of Schools during this pandemic?
3. AOFE is proposing Option 1 with Cohorts A, B, and C rotating In Person with the 9/10 Grades and 11/12 Grades Monday through Thursday. Friday will be in person learning for SWD and ENLs. Option 2 will be a 6 day rotation of In Person Learning of Cohorts A, B, and C rotating with the 9/10 Grades and 11/12 Grades Monday through Friday. Please indicate which Plan you feel will be most beneficial for your child. Group D is full remote everyday for both options. Subject to approval from Executive Superintendent and DOE Central. See graphic below.
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AOFE Reopening Options
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