Fellows case report submission
Submit your case presentation to be considered for the AGA Community Virtual Fellows Case Conference. All submissions will be peer reviewed by two Community moderators and are entered to win a free copy of DDSEP® 9.

Please note:
• Your audience is other gastroenterologists, including those in training, that are part of the AGA community.
• Please make your case report (including parts 1 and 2 and the question) no more than 500 words.
• Please include your references, but no more than five references. References are not included in the 500 word limit.
• Please do not include a previously published case. We will accept cases that have been submitted for publication but have not yet been published.
• Please direct questions to community@gastro.org.
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• Pick something creative that doesn’t give the case away!
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Part 1: Patient Presentation
• Write a description of the patient’s presenting history and the case.
• Include any relevant history, physical exam findings, labs, endoscopy findings, or other data that you had preceding the question you plan to ask.
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Question for the community
• Write a question that you had during the case that would spark some discussion. This can be with regards to diagnostic testing, treatment, or follow up. It can be an open-ended question or multiple choice. The goal is to have readers answer the same question(s) that you had while seeing the patient.
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Part 2: Answer to the Question & Discussion
• This is where you reveal the answer to the question and how you and your team came to this conclusion.
• Here you include any information that was not included in Part 1 that is relevant to the case.
• This is also where you discuss the key learning points and a brief literature search on the topic.
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• Include references that you used to write your case.
• No more than 5 references.
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