Volunteer Survey
Banes Volunteer Service

We are trying to find out about the extent of volunteering in Bath and North East Somerset.

Do you currently volunteer or have you chosen not to?

We would like to hear from all people whether they volunteer or not and would really appreciate it if you could fill in a short survey on the topic.

It should take less than 5 minutes to complete the survey. The deadline for responses is 31st October 2018.

Banes Volunteer Services will analyse and report on findings from the survey. They would like to assure you that your response to the survey will be COMPLETELY CONFIDENTIAL. Your response will be added together with responses from others to produce anonymous evidence for use in reports.

If you have any questions, please get in touch with Mike Plows by telephone 01225 477 115
or email michael.plows@virgincare.co.uk

Many thanks

1: Do you currently volunteer? We define volunteering as any activity that involves spending time, unpaid, doing something that aims to benefit the environment or someone (individuals or groups) other than, or in addition to, close relatives. If the answer to this question is NO please move on to question
2: Have you volunteered in the past 12 months?
3: How regularly do you volunteer?
4: In which area(s) do you currently volunteer? Please select all options which apply.
5: Are you currently volunteering in any of the following ways? Please select all options which apply
6: Thinking about your current volunteer role(s), what was your main reason for wanting to volunteer?
7: How did you find out about your current volunteer role(s)? Please select all that apply
8: How long have you been volunteering?
9: Thinking about the past 4 weeks, approximately how many hours in total have you spent volunteering?
Your answer
All thing considered, how satisfied or dissatisfied are you with your current volunteer role(s)?
10: To what extent does your current volunteer role(s) utilise your existing skills e.g. IT skills, technical skills, business management skills, communication (oral/written) skills)
11: Has your current volunteer role(s) helped you to develop your skills? (e.g. develop new skills or update existing skills)
12: If 'yes', how have your skills been developed? If 'no' what skills would you like to develop?
Your answer
13: What sorts of things have you gained from volunteering?
Your answer
14: Why haven't you volunteered in the past 12 months? Please select all options which apply
15: Why don't you currently volunteer? Please select all options which apply
16: Are you
17: Your age:
18: Do you consider yourself to have a disability?
19: What is your ethnic group?
20: Which of the following options best describes your current employment status?
21: What is your postcode?
Your answer
22: Postcodes where you volunteer (please type):
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23: Starting from the top of this list, please look down the list of qualifications and select the first one you come to that you have passed.
The questionnaire is now complete.
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