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Welcome to 10 Academy and our UpSkill platform - you're at the right place to start your application to 10 Academy!

10 Academy ( identifies and trains Africa brightest young people and prepares them for careers with 10x impact. 10 Academy Fellows are among the top 2% of their peers and a free one-month training course in modern skills (data science, design thinking, more) and link to a paid internship. Our next Fellows training will take place in July 2019 hosted at Ashesi University in Ghana; our 2017 pilot had 2200 applications and 22 Fellows from 15 countries were selected with 90% of 2017 Fellows were placed within 3 months of their training.

UpSkill @ 10 Academy is our new platform and replaces all previous application systems. Use UpSkill to apply for the 10 Academy Fellowship, to learn new skills leading to OpenBadges and showcase your skills to recruiting employers.

Use this form as your pre-application to the UpSkill platform - it should take approximately 5-10 minutes to complete. Once you complete your application, our team will review your responses and make a decision on admission to UpSkill@ 10 Academy platform as soon as possible and notify you by email.

This system was launched on 25 January 2019 and replaces all previous application processes. While all are welcome to UpSkill, only Fellows with a university qualification who are nationals of Ethiopia, Ghana, Kenya, Nigeria or Rwanda will be selected for the July 2019 Fellows training - further countries will be added as soon as possible. Please contact for any questions.

Thank you and welcome to 10 Academy!

-Your 10 Academy team

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We would like to know a bit more about your undergraduate university studies and when you expect to finish. Finish for us means having completed all courses and exams (not necessarily having your degree in-hand) before our training starts on 1 July 2019. We're open to all degrees at the undergraduate level in any field.
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We would like to know a bit more about your work experience - this could be an internship, summer job or national service, but should describe a time when you were working full-time at a single position.
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We would like to know a bit more about your experience starting something up - this could be as an entrepreneur, a student leadership position, community leadership or a church-leadership position.
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