Longevity Club Survey
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OpenCure's mission is to enabling individuals and patient groups to take charge of their health and longevity through access to research grade tools and diagnostics. Our Longevity Club will provide an opportunity for like minded individuals to come together to understand their results, plan interventions, and collaborate on research projects. We believe in empowering people to use evidence based science, and that they own their own data. Our Longevity Academy will provide workshops, seminars and materials to learn about biology, health, longevity and performance - both online and in-person.

Before we officially launch, we need feedback from YOU on our brand, products, services and overall mission.

Complete this survey and sign up for notification on our launch to get $5 off our AgeMeter test!

First some basics about you and your biology!
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Next tell us about your health lifestyle
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Now please give us your feedback on our brand, products, and services!
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What does the name "OpenCures" evoke?
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How interested would you be in the following products and services?
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Measuring my metabolism to detect early signs of preventable disease
Measuring my metabolism to gauge the effectiveness of lifestyle/nutritional/ medical interventions
Measuring my physical performance (e.g. oxygen uptake, grip strength, balance, etc.)
Measuring my cognitive performance (e.g. stress, meditation, warning signs of cognitive decline)
Dietary supplements that have been validated by the best evidence based science
Devices and products for measuring your health at home
Educational workshops, courses, and/or lectures on these topics
Membership in a “Longevity Club” to collaborate with like-minded peers and experts to improve my health/longevity
Lastly we hope you'll stay in touch!
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