2019 JNR 100 Application
You will also be required to submit your last 5 tax returns, and pass a comprehensive background check with drug screen.

Just kidding.

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Tell us about the earliest moment you can recall when you felt awakened/enlightened/transformed by a musical experience. *
Whether it was a live performance, a studio recording, playing an instrument yourself, etc... Don't worry about sounding cool; there's no shame here. We want the raw, honest story!
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Top 5 JNR artists: *
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Do you have any pets? List their name(s), breed(s), and favorite activity.
Human children count.
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If you could ask anyone at Joyful Noise a question, what would it be?
It can be an open-ended question, or directed to a specific individual.
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Why do you want to be a part of the JNR 100? *
Don't get us wrong, we're delighted that you are interested. But it would be helpful to know if you have a meaningful connection to the label, or with any of our artists. In your own words, please just let us know what makes you excited about being one of the JNR-100.
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Have a homie that's already JNR100? Who? Let us know if someone will vouch for you.
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I understand that by submitting this application, I am agreeing to honor the same Terms & Conditions of the VIP Membership, and I recognize the added weight of these rules for JNR 100 Members. If accepted, I solemnly swear to uphold these expectations, and always conduct myself in a respectful and pleasant manner with fellow members and JNR staff alike. *
This club is about more than just collecting records, you know.
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