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You will also be required to submit your last 5 tax returns, and pass a comprehensive background check with drug screen.

Just kidding.
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Tell us about the earliest moment you can recall when you felt awakened/enlightened/transformed by a musical experience. *
Whether it was a live performance, a studio recording, playing an instrument yourself, etc... Don't worry about sounding cool; there's no shame here. We want the raw, honest story!
Top 5 JNR artists: *
Top 5 Non-JNR Artists: *
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Do you have any pets? List their name(s), breed(s), and favorite activity.
Human children count.
If you could ask anyone at Joyful Noise a question, what would it be?
It can be an open-ended question, or directed to a specific individual.
Why do you want to be a part of the JNR 100? *
Don't get us wrong, we're delighted that you are interested. But it would be helpful to know if you have a meaningful connection to the label, or with any of our artists. In your own words, please just let us know what makes you excited about being one of the JNR100.
Have a homie that's already JNR100? Who? Let us know if someone will vouch for you.
I understand that by submitting this application, I  am agreeing to honor the same Terms & Conditions of the VIP Membership, and I recognize the added weight of these rules for JNR 100 Members. If accepted, I solemnly swear to uphold these expectations, and always conduct myself in a respectful and pleasant manner with fellow members and JNR staff alike. *
This club is about more than just collecting records, you know.
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