Requests for Healing Justice & Integrative / Afrofuturist Medicine Work with Ihotu Ali
Please help me tailor my evolving practice to your needs, by sharing your current health and healing justice concerns, including if you prefer virtual, in-person, or group sessions, and how often - what you need for real progress and change.

So many of you have emailed and texted me about sessions and referrals! Sadly, I may not have time respond to everyone individually. Please use this form to help me attend to everyone, equally. I want to hear what you need, and see if I can offer it myself, make customized referrals, or create a small team to offer you more support.

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What health and/or justice concerns are bothering you MOST lately, that you feel unable to manage on your own?
What would your ideal plan for coaching, support, or treatment look like? What do you feel you need in order to FULLY address these concerns? (Be bold and honest. This could include how often you'd like sessions, if you need an accountability circle or partner, or changes in your housing, work or family culture or policies.)
How helpful would it be to join an 8 week online course with readings and videos to support you in building your own home care practice for healing?
Not helpful, or not my way of learning
Extremely helpful
Clear selection
How helpful would it be to join an small accountability circle or "pod" for peer coaching and to support your home care practice?
Not helpful, or not my way of learning
Extremely helpful
Clear selection
How important are in-person sessions for you?
I prefer virtual
I prefer in-person with COVID-19 precautions
Clear selection
How important are one-on-one sessions for you?
I prefer group sessions where we learn from each other's experiences and share multiple viewpoints
I prefer individually tailored sessions with more privacy and confidentiality
Clear selection
The e-book and online course "Seven Portal Sky: A Birth Story of Afrofuturist Medicine in Minneapolis" is in the process of being published by Wise Ink Creative Publishing in 2021. Which of its topics most speak to you, that you might like to read or have more depth for the publication? Are there other topics you would like to see covered (or removed)?
If you have read some of Seven Portal Sky or participated in the online course, what feedback or suggestions do you have for its improvement and integrity?
What additional questions do you have, or requests for resources, that I could add to the FAQs page on my website for you?
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