Project Forum Express of Interest
The organizing committee will review each project and decide the eligibility of the project to be presented at the conference.
Upon acceptance, the participants will prepare a PowerPoint presentation and present their work for 15 minutes including Q&A in front of a panel of healthcare experts.
The forum will allow students to present and discuss their novel research ideas that are yet to be published.
Students will also be assigned mentors so the project can be improved further.
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Example: Maryam Mohammad, Supervisor: Dr. Nasriah Zakaria
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Example: "Exploring medical students’ motivation level in learning Medical Informatics"
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Example: "At King Saud University, Medical students nowadays have to take Medical Informatics as part of the curriculum. Medical Informatics is taught at year 3 when they start their clinical rotations. Based on our quality unit evaluation process, we found evidence that students pay less attention, found some materials are not relevant, lose confident and are not satisfied towards the course. However, from conversation with students, we found that some students learn a lot from various activities in this course. In this study, we will first understand the motivational level in learning Medical Informatics course followed by conducting a motivational design process to create a mobile application for this course."
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