RRL RMRC 2020 - TPF, due 15th Feb 2020
RoboCupRescue Rapidly Manufactured Robot Challenge 2020 - Team Participation Form!

Please only submit this form ONCE per team. If you need to correct information, please email us at info@oarkit.org from the email address you enter below and we'll go from there.

The information you enter into this form (except for email addresses) may be released publicly.

This information lets us plan for the resources we require to support teams and students.

To be invited to participate based on TPF/TDM (the usual way to qualify):
1: Submit this TPF by the 15th of February, 2020.
2: Submit their qualification Team Description Materials (TDM) by the 20th of March, 2020.
3: Be judged by the committee to have qualified based on their TDM.

See http://comp.oarkit.org/ for further details of what is required.

Teams that do not submit this TPF form by the deadline but otherwise satisfy 2 and 3 will be invited if there is room. This may delay notification of qualification.

We may additionally admit teams outside of these deadlines based on demonstrations of exceptional performance. This includes events such as RoboCup 2019, regional open competitions and other related robot evaluation events. Please talk to your regional RoboCupRescue representative (if there is one for your region) or contact us at info@oarkit.org for further details. Regardless of the path of admission, all teams must still submit a TDM prior to competition.
Email *
Name of primary contact person *
Only one person here please! We will assume that this is the person whose email address was entered above. If multiple people are named only the first will be considered. If you want two people to be looped into the official emails, there is space below for a second person.
Team Name *
Organisation Name *
Such as your school, makerspace, youth group, etc.. Note that while each organisation is welcome to submit TPF/TDM for up to three teams, only one will qualify from each organisation and there should be no overlap in the team members between the teams (although mentors can be shared!).
Country *
We may limit the number of teams from each country to ensure diversity across the competition.
Name of backup contact person (optional)
Email address of backup contact person (optional)
Estimated number of students *
RMRC is regarded as a Junior competition and thus students must be between the ages of 14 and 19 as of the 1st of July, 2020. Teams that do not qualify under this criteria may still compete as a Major team (albeit subject to the Major qualification process and registration fees). See https://rrl.robocup.org/ for details of the Major competition. For space reasons, we limit each team to 6 team members.
Estimated number of mentors *
We allow half as many mentors as students, up to a maximum of 2. Mentors may be of any age. Unlike other RoboCup Junior competitions, we do not restrict mentors from technical involvement in the team's entry as long as the students have a working knowledge of the robot. See http://comp.oarkit.org/ for further details.
I have read and understand the radio equipment restrictions in place at RoboCup 2019. *
The radio policy for 2020 is still being developed. See http://intelligentrobots.org/files/RoboCup/2019/RadioPolicy.pdf for last year's policy as an example of what to expect but all teams MUST read and follow the 2020 policy once it is available. It is possible for robots to be completely tethered and avoid radio issues altogether and we highly recommend this. NOTE: RMRC is considered a MAJOR League competition for radio purposes.
I have read the preliminary rules and understand that they may change over time. I also understand that any rule changes and discussions, including opportunities to contribute to the development of the rules, will be announced from the mailing list. *
See http://comp.oarkit.org/ for rules and http://list.oarkit.org/ for the mailing list but NOTE THAT WE ARE PERFORMING A MAJOR REFRESH OF THE RULES FOR 2020 SO PLEASE MONITOR THE MAILING LIST. Please pay particular attention to rules surrounding open source and referencing.
I understand that RoboCup itself has its own rules and regulations to be followed. *
Keep an eye on http://2020.robocup.org for details. These may include registration deadlines, restrictions on equipment/shipping, accommodation info and so-on.
We look forward to seeing you in Bordeaux!
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