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Additional shipping and delivery information: Product is delivered by SF EXPRESS. After paying your order online, it takes approximately 14 days for process and delivery.

Return and Exchanges: The product cannot be returned or exchanged. Exceptions for exchange will be allowed for delivered damaged or defective product only. Please notify us to request for exchange within 3 days once you’ve received it. If we determine that the product is defective or damaged and you are eligible to exchange your product. The defective or damaged product may be exchanged within 14 days of purchases.

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Please select the relevant product name as indicated on the website | 請選擇網站上顯示的相應產品名稱
Unlimited Splendour
Bumper Harvest
Mini Flower Series
Magic Mug 黑底變色陶瓷杯 HKD 230
Standard Mug 白底陶瓷杯 HKD 230
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Please specify quantities / orders here if appropriate, e.g. 3 Eclectic magic mugs | 如需購買多於一個的款式,請詳述產品名稱和數量,如:加購 Eclectic 3個
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Payme: 60303284 Kacey Ko
FPS (Dah Sing Bank):
IG: kaceykoart
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