Imperial College PhD Supervision Stories
Share your experience with your supervisor and the general institutional setting in a depersonalised text of 300 to 400 words. Do not use any names of persons involved in the story, and do not name the Faculty and Department where this student-supervisor relationship is taking place. E. g.

use general role descriptions:
- I/me
- Fellow PhD student(s)
- He/she/my supervisor
- Postgraduate Administrator
- Postgraduate Director
- Postgraduate Tutor
- Faculty Senior Tutor
- Counsellor
- Doctor
- Union Advice Centre staff

use general place descriptions:
- my Faculty
- my Department
- my Campus

Make sure the presentation of your story is fully comprehensive. Write in full sentences to tell a story which engages your reader (no bullet points). Imagine you describe your story to a very close friend or family member.

In case you are comfortable for us to ask you any clarifying questions, please also share your email address.

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