Back on the Block Minority Accelerator Application
Our minority business accelerator is designed to accelerate the development of minority and women-owned businesses. Our program helps minority businesses get access to tools, resources, networking, and capital to grow.

To be considered your small business needs to be revenue generating or have traction or have a product or service in the market.

Tuition for this program $5,000.00.

It is FREE to you.

What we require is a FULL agreement of your time and commitment to FULLY participate and be present.

​The accelerator will begin Jan 28, 2021 from 630am - 9pm. The first 16 weeks you will need to commit to meeting one night a week for 2 -3 hours As well as put in 10 -15 hours a week working on your business model development.

The accelerator is a one year commitment.

***The application deadline is January 8th***​
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