COVID Rules for Members

This is a list of rules to mitigate the risk of spreading COVID-19. (Last updated: 3/3/2022)

1. All members must read and agree to these new rules to enter the Makerspace.

2. All members and visitors of the space must use our Time Reservation tool on the website to record their visits. Reservations can be made at:

3. Time reservations will be 4 hours max for most spaces. You may not enter before your reservation, and must leave promptly when your time is up.

4. [Removed rule - contents of reservation form]

5. Enter and Exit through the Classroom door. There is a check-in station where you can take your temperature, sanitize your hands, and grab a spray bottle of dilute bleach.

6. Mask Policy - As of 2/24: Mask-use is not required, but it is highly encouraged while you are around others at the Makerspace. Class attendees will be asked to wear masks per instructor preference.

7. Please wash or sanitize your hands immediately upon entering and before leaving.

8. The front desk has spray bottles with sanitizing alcohol spray. Please take one and use it after touching the equipment, or beforehand if you wish to sanitize tools before using.

9. Social distancing is still encouraged. Please give people 6 feet of space.

10. Try to limit how many things you touch. If you can, bring a personal toolkit for little things you use regularly.

11. Try to stay mainly in one shop/area. Avoid setting up your project work area near high-use tools or high-traffic aisles.

12. Report symptoms or confirmed cases IMMEDIATELY to if you have been in the space in the past 2 weeks.

13. [Removed rule - no longer have capacity limits]

14. Please swipe your RFID tag when entering and leaving. This will help keep track of who was at the space for the purposes of contact management.

15. If you think you’ve been exposed or have tested positive, please refer to the CDC’s guide on quarantine and isolation. -

16. Be responsible for enforcing these rules and keeping each other safe. If you see someone breaking these rules, say something to them or to the Manager.

17. [Removed rule - no longer restricted to members and volunteers only]

18. If a member is caught violating these new rules, they will be notified and reminded to follow these rules. After 3 notices, your access will be temporarily suspended for 7 days. Repeated violations could result in suspension of membership.

19. If you have traveled out of the New England area, it is recommended you do not come to the Makerspace for 10 days after you returned, or have received a negative COVID test since you have returned.

20.  Note: These rules may change, with or without notice, in order to comply with local, state and national regulations and to implement best practices.

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