Innovation Lab- opportunity for programming and volunteering in Beth El

We would LOVE your input! We want to know your interests and your dreams for our community programming. We are organizing an innovation lab to help connect YOU to others who want to build similar programs in our community.
Please help us innovate by answering the following questions, and thank you in advance!
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What types of events would you be most interested in attending? (choose all that apply) *
Do you have any program ideas that you would like to participate in but we do not currently offer? Or programs we have offered in the past that you would like to bring back?
One of our goals for programming is co-creation. This means that programs are planned and implemented by volunteers in partnership with Beth El staff members. Would you like to help co-create programming with other volunteers and the professional staff for next year? *
If you answered yes or maybe to the above question, what would you like to help co-create? (choose all that apply)
Would you be willing to chair/co chair an event? *
Are you available to come to our NEW annual Innovation lab (online) on Sunday, May 23 at 12:00pm-1:30 and/or Thursday June 3rd at 7:30pm-9:00pm? This will be an exciting opportunity for volunteers and staff to come together and generate ideas to create our programming calendar for 2021-2022 *
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