Item Creation / Tag Submission
Fill this form out to get item tags created for the next event. If your item requires multiple in between event lengths to craft you are responsible to submit this form in between each event to update that crafting time.
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If this item is crafted from materials what is its primary component material?
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If this item is crafted from multiple materials what is its secondary component material?
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Basic Item name or if it is a Magic Item, it is required to have a name.
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If you are crafting this item click other and type the skill used.
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Give as much detail as necessary to describe this item. Magic Items require (A Name; Primary Material; Spell Activations) If you are crafting an item that will take more than 4 weeks you must say how many weeks you are putting into it of how many weeks it is total for example 4 of 8 weeks. In between the next event you must submit another request that says in the description 8 of 8 weeks. Without this second submission your item may not be printed.
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