Rowan Partners for Education Mini-Grant Application
The Rowan Partners for Education grant program will award Rowan-Salisbury educators and staff for creative and innovative school projects. The Rowan Partners for Education Board of Directors sincerely hopes these grants continue to inspire teachers/staff and serve as a catalyst for a lifetime of learning.

Grant applications are accepted and awarded two times each year. For grant consideration, applications must be submitted electronically through this form to the Office of District Strategy by the following date: May 3, 2019

To view the rubric used to evaluate all grant submissions, please view this link:

If you have any questions regarding the mini-grant process please contact Andrew Smith at
Title of Grant Request *
Applicant Name *
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Email Address *
Position or Job Title *
School or Department *
Provide a summary statement. This statement should be one sentence describing the grant request. (Example: I am requesting $400 for the purchase of a 3D printer.) *
Provide the primary goal of the project. *
Provide your project activities/objectives *
Provide the number of students impacted *
What are the measurable outcomes that you expect to achieve as a result of the project? *
What is your budget for this grant application? Please list materials (one per line) with the quantity, unit cost, and total cost. *
Total requested amount (note: enter three amounts). The three amounts you need to include are: the cost for tax, the cost of shipping, and the full total amount requested. *
Please provide a summary identifying potential ways for continued utilization after grant funding time frame; potential school or district-wide networking concerning project effectiveness; and why you believe that your grant request is "innovative". *
Administrative Recommendation - Please copy your principal's recommendation here. Note to principals: please indicate how the project will benefit your school, staff, students should this grant be awarded. Include how it exhibits a new approach, creative use of an existing idea, or makes use of space, materials, or technology. *
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