Geoscientists study the physical aspects of the Earth, such as its composition, structure, and processes, to learn about its past, present, and future. The interaction of surface rocks with water, soil and organisms is a study of environmental geoscientists and hydrologists alike. Through research based on field examination and laboratory work, geoscientists find new relationships that contribute to the understanding of the natural environment. Geoscientists with first or subsequent degrees work in numerous private and public agencies and education facilities and contribute to the betterment of society.

The geology program at UTC is designed to help the student develop a career in one of several opportunities described above. A faculty with diverse areas of interest offer courses that provide a well-rounded undergraduate degree in classical geology or geology with an emphasis in environmental geology. All our graduates will have experiences of examining rocks in the field, collecting data in the field and in the laboratory by using instruments at our department or in other facilities, and will learn the common methods used for interpreting geological data. Also, the department offers field courses, which culminate in a ten-day field study of geology in the US desert southwest or at Costa Rica in alternate years. Two scholarships managed by the department are offered to deserving and qualified major. Our graduates enter the work force after a first degree or go to graduate schools. Some students participate in undergraduate research and present their work at the geological society meetings.

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