FINY COVID-19 Census
This census has been created under the auspices of the ICB and the IHP of Fishers Island, NY. The purpose of this census is to enable the Island Health Project to monitor the status of the COVID-19 virus on the island. The information provided will be treated as confidential, not shared, and will not be displayed without explicit permission in advance from those surveyed.

Why? It is for Contact Tracing purposes. The hospitals do not have the capacity to do contact tracing. Should a member of our community become infected, this list will enable IHP to find and notify the people who have had contact with the COVID-19 patient.
Email *
Last Name *
First Name *
Arrival date *
If you are a year-round resident, please use March 1, 2020
Departure date
If any.
Please list the name and the age of others in your house or 'cohort'. Example: James, 80 Jane, 30
Cell phone number *
House owner
Name of the house owner, if applicable
House number *
Street name *
House phone
If known
Volunteer? *
Would you volunteer to allow yourself to be tracked by enabling 'share your location' within google maps on your cell phone to Dr. Chris Ingram, the IHP physician? The purpose of tracking is to enable IHP to alert individuals to potential interactions that might transmit the virus. The location information would be confidential, not shared, or available to anyone except IHP.
Do you commute daily or periodically to the island for work?
If you are a commuter please provide the name of your employer. The purpose of this request is to facilitate contact with you about any Covid-19 related information.
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