Information Technology Services Student Work Application
Use this application to apply for student work in URI's Help Desk, Classroom Media Assistance (CMA) and Contact Center (student phone operators)

12/1 update: We have not yet completed the Spring schedule with our current employees, so we do not know what openings there will be. After that schedule is done, we will contact applicants based on whether their availabilities (on submitted schedules) match our openings.

In addition to this online form, please download the Excel document at :

and submit to

Last Name
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First Name
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Middle Name
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eMail address
Please use an email address that you check DAILY. CMA will contact you via email to schedule an interview.
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Phone Number
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I am applying for the following student jobs:
(Mark more than one if applicable.)
Home Address
Include Street & Number (apt. # if applicable), city, state and zip code
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Will you be living on campus next year?
(Yes or no answer)
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Expected Graduation Month & Year
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Employment History
Please include the two latest jobs you have held, starting with the most recent. For each position include: position title, employer, location, employment dates, Supervisor's name, phone number, whether we may contact this employer, and a very brief job description..
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First Reference:
Please include first and last name, phone number, email address and relationship to applicant
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Second Reference:
Please include first and last name, phone number, email address and relationship to applicant
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Customer Service:
Comment on any customer service experience you have had.
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I want my machine to work but don't want to understand it!
I dream in Windows!
Look cool, but I want a real computer
Linux what?
Ubuntu, Red Hat, Gentoo, etc... I love penguins
wired networking.
don't know anything except where to plug in the ethernet cable
Level 1 to Level 7, I have it wired!
I can log in when it works
I can effectively troubleshoot URI_Secure
Microsoft Office.
I know the basics
I do macros
Please indicate your experience with multimedia equipment.
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Other Information
Please add any other relevant information including any experience not listed above.
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