WEB Application for 20-21 School Year: Due June 1st
Must be a 7th grader in the 19-20 school year to fill out an application

What is WEB?

WEB is a transition program designed to help 6th graders adjust to life as a middle school student. Selected 8th graders will participate in WEB leader training to become WEB leaders, and will serve as mentors for 6th grade students throughout the school year.

How does WEB work?

Throughout the school year, WEB leaders serve as mentors to 6th grade students in a number of ways. This may include leading activities, teaching short lessons in a classroom, meeting with some 6th grade students one-on-one, and weekly lunch time activities.

Is WEB an elective class?

WEB is not an elective class. You can be in AVID, ASB, Journalism, Spanish, and the Elective Wheel and still be a WEB leader. Our class time together is Advisory period.

What does it take to be a WEB leader?

Dedication and Commitment: We need 8th grade students committed to helping 6th grade students adjust to middle school life, and helping them to enjoy 6th grade. You must be totally dedicated to making the program work. WEB leaders cannot have failing grades or behavior issues. A WEB Leader must have a GPA of 2.0 or higher. They must be respectful of the school rules and school staff at all times. They must also treat all other students with respect.

When is my application due?

Your application is to be submitted by June 1st. WEB Coordinators will be selecting a limited amount of WEB Leaders this year. They will be looking at grades, behavior, completed applications, teacher recommendations, and ability to work with students, teachers, and administration. You may turn in your application early. Applications will not be accepted after June 1st.
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