Kiriza Freelancer Test
This aptitude test is used by Kiriza to judge and decide if you are a good fit to work with Kiriza. It should take you between 1 Hour to complete. So Kindly find a conducive environment, ample time and be far from distractions to answer this.

If you can not comprehend a question, reach out to us through +255 683 146 363

Mtihani huu wa kukupima akili unatumiwa kugundua kama utafaa kufanya kazi na Kiriza. Itakuchukua takribani kati ya dakika 30 mpaka 60 kumaliza. Kama haujaelewa swali, tupigie simu kwenye namba +255 683 146 363

Hint: Go through our guide before answering these questions, we shall be in touch if you get to go through this stage.

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