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Please only complete this form (and pay your fees) if you have already had your membership approved by the club, eg by attending a club meeting or trip and asking to become a member.
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Note that all NSG membership options below include annual membership to the national body NZSS (NSG passes on $35/Adult to NZSS)
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1. Fees are due from 1 September each year. 2. One copy, either paper or electronic, of NZSS publications will be sent per family membership. 3. Donations made to NZSS Search & Rescue, conservation funds are used only for those funds. 4. Privacy Act: Information NZSS collects about members is for the purposes of the NZSS dealing with those members. Members are entitles to reasonable access to and correction of information held about them. 5. Unless stated by you, publishing of your membership details for purposes such as NZSS and/or club membership lists, (paper or electronic), will be deemed as accepted. NZSS and your club may provide copies of the membership list, (paper or electronic) to Waitomo Museum, Department of Conservation, and other entities deemed as appropriate. 6. I consent to receiving electronic messages and information regarding the NZSS, clubs or any other products, service, or promotions offered by NZSS and NSG and agree, pursuant to the Unsolicited Electronic Messages Act 2007, that the person sending any such message need not include a functional unsubscribe facility in the message.
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