Troop 507 Online Permission Slip
This online permission slip is the preferred method of telling us that your son is attending a Troop 507 function. Scouts will not be permitted to attend Troop 507 functions without having a permission slip.
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Permission slips are due no later than two Troop Meetings prior to the event!!!
For information regarding the costs for a particular camping trip or activity, we'll direct you to the Troop Treasurer, Melanie Loomis, The purchase of groceries for all people (Scouts and adults) who will be attending a campout is determined at the Troop Meeting two weeks prior to the camping trip. Therefore, if you tell us that you or your son is going on a camping trip and then cancel a day or two prior to the trip, groceries have been purchased for you and/or your son and you will be billed whether your son attends or not.

Payments for events are due no later than 2 weeks before the event.
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Troop 507 Online Permission Slip - Permission to attend the following function with Troop 507: *
I will pay for the function in the following manner: *
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Will you be chaperoning this event? *
Name of Chaperone who will be attending.
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I understand that Troop 507 and it's leaders are not responsible for the actions of my son(s) if they lead to damage or injury, whether accidental or otherwise, during official BSA / Troop functions.

In addition, Troop 507's leaders have my permission to call emergency rescue squads and to have my son(s) transported to the nearest hospital in the case of an emergency.
Printing your name here is the same as signing it:
A copy of your responses will be emailed to the address you provided.
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