OATA Summer Deep Dive Session Registrations
Thank you for registering for this year's unique opportunity - Deep Dive Sessions that allow you to really master an area of curriculum for your program. These sessions are FREE with OATA Summer Conference registration, which is required in order to participate. Further information is available below regarding sessions offered. Space is limited for each session to 24 participants! If you register for the Wait List, someone will be in contact with you once space is available.
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Session Descriptions
Forestry - CANCELLED

Cattle Management Improvement: FULL - WAIT LIST ONLY
The Cattle Management workshop will be a full day "Deep Dive" session that will explain and practice skills in Artificial Insemination, Pregnancy Detection and Live Animal Evaluation using Ultra-Sound technology as a selection tool for carcass merit. Attendees will have the morning session to practice A.I. and Pregnancy Detecting Skills with synchronization protocols. The afternoon the workshop will move to using ribeye and Marbling ultra-sound equipment to select market and replacement cattle and help determine yield and quality grades on live cattle. Grid-based pricing structures will also be discussed.

Lincoln Electric Welding: FULL - WAIT LIST ONLY
Whether you are struggling to strike an arc or you are proficient TIG welding on 308 stainless this workshop is for you. In cooperation with Lincoln Electric and OATA Instructors, this workshop will add to your skill set no matter where you are as a welding instructor. This day long workshop will include classroom and lab time to preview the newly released uLinc welding curriculum, how to utilize it within you program for the benefit of your students, impressing your administration, and maintaining your sanity. Participants will identify areas where they would like to focus their lab training to maximize their benefit from this workshop. Lincoln professionals and OATA Instructors will lead breakout small groups in areas that include, Basic to Advanced Arc welding using electrodes 6010, 6011, 6013, and 7018. Basic to Advanced Mig using ER70s6 solid wire, intershield fluxcore, and 4043 aluminum, in short-circuit transfer, spray transfer, axil transfer, pulse transfer, and pulse on pulse transfer methods. Basic to Advanced TIG welding on mild steel, aluminum, and 308 stainless steel using the latest in inverter technology from Lincoln Electric. All participants will need to dress with appropriate weld lab personal protective clothing and equipment.

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By checking this box, I agree that I will be in attendance at the above session at 9am on June 21st, and that if I cancel within 7 days of the session or fail to show up then a cancellation fee of $50 will be billed to my school.
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