Classroom Visit Signup Sheet (for participating instructors)
Dear Lehigh Faculty,

Please complete this form by September 18th if you would like to receive structured feedback on your teaching.

What exactly will you be asked to do if you sign up?

1) Meet with a trained undergraduate student. During this meeting, you will have the opportunity to (a) convey your specific educational goals for the class meeting on the date the visit will occur and (b) decide which specific aspects of your teaching you are most interested in receiving feedback on. Ideally, this meeting will take place sometime during the fourth week of September or first week of October .

2) Invite the student observer into your classroom on a suitable day, ideally during the first or second week of October.

3) Meet with the student after the classroom visit to discuss observations and suggestions. (Ideally, the follow-up discussion will take place within a week of the classroom visit.)

4) Complete a brief survey to report your impressions on the efficacy of this program.

Questions? Contact Greg Reihman (Director, Center for Innovation in Teaching and Learning), at 8-6840 or
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You will have a chance to expand on anything you write here when you meet with the student visitor prior to the visit.
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