Coach of the Year Form
Selection Criteria for the nominee is as follows:
• Must be a current member in good standing of the TTCA
• Should be a builder of programs (either from the ground up or upgrading an existing program and/or
• Coaching staff, scheduling, numbers in the program, quality of instruction, and publicity should be
taken into consideration
• Teaching with positive results by teaching aids and by example, concepts of good sportsmanship, love
of the game, respect for authority,opponents, rules, and self should be taken into consideration
• Knowledge of and abiding by the rules are necessary qualities
• It is suggested that a period of 5 years pass before a coach is eligible to win the State Coach of the Year
Award an additional time.
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Write a 100 word explanation as to why you feel the nominee deserves to be Region/State Coach of the Year. Please do not spend a lot of on career stats as this would be reason to consider the nominee for Hall of Fame. *
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