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BRITISH veterinary hospital, PO Box 926629, Dubai, UAE
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ADDITIONAL ITEMS - Do you need to add anything else to your order such as General Pet Supplies, Foods or medicines. (The delivery fee will NOT increase.) Please list items here. Contact us if you have any special requirements that we need to order for you.
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DELIVERY - We deliver to anywhere in the UAE, any quantity for a flat fee of 25 Dh. Do you want delivery or do you wish to collect your order yourself? *
Orders over 400 Dh qualify for free delivery. Please tell us if you would like to increase your order.
ADDRESS - For delivery we need your address. Our driver will call you for any specific details he needs. Please give the Emirate, the Area and the Street name and the Building name or number. Is this your home or workplace?
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Bank Details BRITISH VETERINARY HOSPITAL - Emirates Islamic Bank - IBAN AE980340003707595009001
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