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1. Trading history. How consistent is your trading history? *
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2. Staff are one of your greatest assets. Having great staff is a good asset. A constant and well paid staff roster adds to value. *
How would you describe your staff position?
3. The more important you are to the business, the less valuable it is. *
Describe how important you are.
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4. It is important to systemise your company with processes and IT supported by operations manuals and regular training. *
Describe your level of systemisation
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5. To be safe, you have to have a mixed client base because it is no good to have all your business reliant on a few clients. *
Describe how mixed your clientele is.
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Very much
6. Marketing. Your marketing should be systemised just like your processes. A marketing plan talks about your social media, website, advertising and all other efforts to grow the business. *
Describe the position with your marketing plan.
7. Existence of a business plan determines the success or failure of a business. It also needs to be referenced regularly. *
Describe your business plan position.
Don't have one
Have one and it is referenced regularly
8. In our current economic climate, disruption is potentially just around the corner for you. Technology or changing trends could make you obsolete very quickly. *
How safe are you from being disrupted
Not safe at all
Very safe
9. You should know the value of your business at all times, based on sound advice. You can better plan to sell at a target price if you know what your business is worth now. *
How well do you know what your business is worth?
Not at all
Very much
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