WAITING LIST: Colab Mexico Registration - 2019
Thanks for your enthusiasm! We are currently full, but go ahead and sign up for the waiting list. We will contact you if a spot becomes available, which often does happen.

A few reminders before you begin. Given that Colab is a peer practice intensive rather than an instructional course, Colab requires either a degree in Conference Interpreting or at least 50 conference days.

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Please tell us a bit about your education and/or professional experience in Conference Interpreting so that we can best leverage what everyone brings to the table. We love interpreters from all walks of life, but because Colab is peer-based practice and not an instructional course, we do require participants to have either a degree in Conference Interpreting or 50 working days of experience so make sure to mention one of these qualifications below.
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Your presentation should be delivered in your native language, preferably accompanied by a visual aid such as a powerpoint or speaking notes at a minimum, and last approximately 20 minutes. Suggested themes include: Indigenous Issues, Economy, Agriculture, Marketing and Medicine. More on Speechmaking here: https://colabinterpreting.com/speechmaking-responsibilities/
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Title of your Speech for Consecutive (Optional)
Should you have a speech prepared or wish to prepare one for our consecutive rounds, we would be delighted! Your speech is to be delivered in your A-language; may be accompanied by a visual aid if you would like; and last 4-7 minutes.
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Topic for Reporting Live! (Optional)
Reporting Live! is a time for us to brief one another about what is going on in the world in a digestible way. Ideally, this will require little preparation. You just give us the scoop on what is happening in your corner of the world, a topic that the rest of us might not be as familiar with. Past topics have included Physician-assisted death in Canada, the Dilma impeachment in Brazil, the South Sudanese Civil War and the Russia-Ukraine tensions. (Approximately 10 minutes in duration.) Not required, but a whole lot of fun!
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Colab Conversations Suggestions
We've found that when interpreters get together, we want to interpret, but we also like to discuss the field at large. So we created Colab Conversations to discuss the hot-button topics that everyone wants to talk about but doesn't know how to begin the conversation. Past topics have included Remote Conference Interpreting, The A,B,C Language Designation System, Elitism in Conference Interpreting, and the So-Called Gray Market. We can assign the topics, but we thought it would be nice to hear suggestions from you! What aspect of the interpreting profession would you like to discuss as a group? (We won't use your name, we promise!)
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Acknowledgement of Commitment *
I understand that Colab is peer-based and thus it is essential that I am present EVERYDAY for the WHOLE DAY in order to provide speech material, feedback to my colleagues, and relay, in addition to interpreting. I agree to forgo my other professional obligations in order to be present for the whole course, except in the case of family emergency or illness.
FINAL STEPS. Okay, you're almost done!
1. Don't forget to hit the "submit" button at the bottom of this form. You will see a message confirming your registration. A copy of your registration will be emailed to you (handy for remembering your speech topic later on), with the option to edit your information at a later date, if necessary.

2. No need to make payment at this time. We will contact you if a spot becomes available and provide you with payment instructions at that time.

Meanwhile, if you have any questions email the Colab Coordinators, Laura (laura@lauraholcomb.com) or Lauren (interpretequebec@gmail.com).

A copy of your responses will be emailed to the address you provided.
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