Expression of Interest: Art While You Wait with Michele Grimston
Fill out this form to express your interest in attending Art While You Wait, a new work by Michele Grimston.

Michele will select three people to participate in this experience, based on their answers in this expression of interest form.

Art While You Wait invites you to spend a full 8 hour day in the artist’s temporary studio while she slowly creates this work, especially for you. You will be actively involved in the ritual of the making process with the artist through an exploration of her materials and ideas, although there is no requirement that you create something yourself.

We ask you to please be prepared to spend the whole day in the studio and have no other planned activities during the specified hours, however if you need to head outside for fresh air, bathroom breaks or any other reason you will be able to do this throughout the day. Any time you leave the room, the artist will stop work on your artwork, and she will recommence when you return.

You will be free to move around the studio space and make yourself comfortable as you need to. Cups of tea will be provided to keep you nourished and hydrated throughout the day and there will be a scheduled 45 minute lunch break at an agreed time.

You will be asked to leave your phone and other devices aside (with the exception of emergency communication and where the devices are used to meet access needs) and engage fully in the experience. This will involve participating in some semi-structured activities and conversations, as well as time for quiet and stillness. If at any time you are feeling uncomfortable, you do not have to participate, and are free to step back or to raise your concerns with the artist.

Art While You Wait is being made with the support of You Are Here's Cahoots program.
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