Teaching Statistics with R: Participant Survey
Thanks for taking time to fill out this form. There are no "right answers" to these questions, but the information you provide here will help us in preparing a workshop that meets the needs and desires of the participants.
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Introduce yourself
In a few sentences, tell us a bit about yourself and why you are participating in the minicourse. Feel free to add some interesting personal tidbit.
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How long have you been teaching statistics?
How familiar are you with the GAISE (Guidelines for Assessment and Instruction in Statistics Education) reports from the ASA?
Current Software
What software do you currently use in the statistics courses you teach. (Check all that apply.)
Student Software Use
How often do students in your introductory statistics courses use software?
0) never
1) occasionally
2) sometimes
3) frequently
4) almost always
For homework
For projects
In class/lab
On tests
Software Proficiency
How would you rate your proficiency level with the software you currently use in your statistics courses
What statistics books (at any level) have you taught from in the last 3 or 4 years?
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R Experience
Indicate your current experience level with R by checking all of the following which are true for you.
Programming Languages
If you had to write a simple computer program today, in which of the following languages could you do it?
How much do you use LaTeX?
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