Student SEL Survey - 8th Grade
Social and Emotional Learning is an important part of our Meigs curriculum and community. Please answer the following questions.
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Homeroom Teacher *
I can learn new things, but I can't really change my basic intelligence (or IQ). *
What causes you the most stress? *
My intelligence (or IQ) is something about me that I can't change very much. *
I feel like I belong at Meigs. *
Which emoger do you use the most when you are stressed? *
I feel safe at Meigs. *
I feel respected at Meigs. *
I feel like I can be myself at Meigs. *
If I try hard enough, I can earn the grade I want in most of my classes. *
If I try hard enough, I can do well on tests, even when they are difficult. *
On a typical day, my mood could best be described as ... *
I know the difference between the amygdala and the prefrontal cortex and how it affects my thinking and learning. *
On a scale of 1-5, where would you place your level of stress? *
How would you rate your ability to manage your stress in a healthy way? *
Which of the following strategies have you used to manage your stress? Mark the one strategy that you use the most. *
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