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Hello CNH!

The CNH Spotlight on Service Program was created by the Service Projects Committee to promote International and District initiatives as well as to encourage active participation with organizations/initiatives. The program also gives clubs the opportunity to showcase their unique service projects that positively impacts their home, school, and community. Every service project impacts the community and the lives of others, even in its smallest aspect, and further making service worth recognizing.

Project Submissions are due on the 5th of each month following the project. Upon submission for a certain focus, the submitted service project is not required to be of that month's focus as long as it is one of the enlisted. Every month the district will showcase projects from the previous month in the district newsletter. Receive recognition and inspire others with your creative project ideas.

Thank you for participating in the Spotlight on Service Program.

Shining With Service,
Tobi Yao, Service Projects Chair
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Project Reflection: How has this project impacted your club? Was the project successful? What aspects of the service projects do you think can be improved?
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If so, please state the name of the organization(s). If not, please state "N/A".
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***If you have pictures, please send them to the Service Projects Chair Tobi Yao at Please title your email "Spotlight on Service Pictures | Project Name".
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