2020 Wisconsin Leadership Seminar (WILS) Nomination Form
Welcome Counselors and School Representatives!

Please fill out the form below to nominate a sophomore student to represent your school at the 2020 Wisconsin Leadership Seminar (WILS). You should also nominate an alternate sophomore student in case your primary nominated student is unable to attend. Each high school is limited to one primary nominee and one alternate. Please note that your nominee must be available to attend the entire seminar beginning around 8am on Friday, June 12th and ending around 2pm on Sunday, June 14th.

Please have the following information ready prior to starting this form. You must complete the form in its entirety in order to submit your nomination. Incomplete nomination forms are not able to be saved so please gather this information in advance.

For both your primary and alternate nominees you will need:

• Student name, gender identity, personal email address, primary phone number
• Parent/Guardian name, email address, phone number; must supply information for at least one parent/guardian, option to supply information for two
• School name, primary contact name/title, phone number, email address

Once you submit this nomination form, you will receive a confirmation email that your nomination has been received. Your primary nominee along with their parent(s)/guardian(s) will also receive a congratulatory email within 30 days of nomination informing them of seminar dates/location and to expect registration information in March. Please make sure you inform your primary nominee of their nomination so they know what WILS is. Your alternate nominee will not receive any communications from us unless your primary nominee is unable to attend.

A copy of all the information you submit will be sent to the email address provided in this section so please be sure to provide the email address of the primary school contact in this section.

We are excited to see your student leader in June! Please email any questions to seminarchair@wils.us
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