The Art of Small Talk: How to Schmooze Effectively in Professional Situations

Are you a graduate student? Do you plan on attending a professional conference (ASHA, AWP, etc.), a job fair, or another professional situation over the next few months?

In these situations, knowing how to conduct yourself professionally and how to make good use of small talk can be the difference between making great connection or being just another face in the crowd.

The Office of Graduate Studies Dean, Richard Zauft, is giving a workshop on how to make small talk and "schmooze" effectively at these professional situations.

To "schmooze" means to talk socially without exchanging too much information; to talk casually in a friendly way; to chat or gossip. A schmoozer is someone skilled at conversation. In professional situations, good schmoozing skills help one's network immensely by making positive impressions, expanding contacts, and learning about other people and opportunities.

In this workshop, we will discuss some tips, considerations, and dos and don'ts to teach you how to be a more effective schmoozer, including:

Prepare for Every Event
Dress for Your Confidence
Meet Your Host
Prepare a Self-introduction
Approach the Person Standing Alone
Smile and Say Hi or Hello / Ice Breakers
Make Small Talk
Contribute to the Conversation
Meet New People
Food and Sprits
Have Fun

This workshop is being held right before the 6pm classes and will be providing refreshments. Please RSVP by signing up here.

We hope to see you there!

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