Cameron/Dessau Rd protected bike lanes & pedestrian improvements
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Help us win 6+ miles of protected bike lanes & pedestrian improvements on Cameron / Dessau Rd!
Remember how together we won 5 miles of bike lanes on Shoal Creek in 2019? Let's do it again!

Cameron/Dessau Rd (51st St - Parmer Ln - see blue line in map above) is a crucial north-south route for people bicycling and walking between Mueller/downtown and north Austin. But look at the photo above: It's a scary, dangerous place. We need to fix this as soon as possible before someone else gets hurt or worse.

Protected bike lanes and better crosswalks & sidewalks on Cameron/Dessau will be a game-changer for bicycling and walking, enabling huge new possibilities for safe (and fun!) movement across town. If we win, bicycling/walking in Austin will never be the same again. More info:


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Walk Austin & Bike Austin


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"Yes, I want protected bicycle lanes, protected intersections, and pedestrian improvements on Cameron/Dessau Rd between 51st St and Parmer Ln!"
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