Talk submission form for JEEConf 2017 conference
Conference is devoted to development using Java platform, that's why every talk should be related to this programming language. Each talk should be practical and based on real projects and personal experience. Experienced program committee will choose and filter talks. After that, approved talks will be placed in preliminary program where participants may affect their future providing feedback and voting. Only the most interesting and practically useful talks will be accepted. We rely on your experience and creativity!

We will do our best to make visit of the conference very comfortable for all speakers:

* Free ticket for main conference days.
* Welcome dinner with other speakers and organizers.
* Kyiv sightseeing tour.
* A whole day of glory and applause in the case of a successful talk.

Key dates of call for papers:

* April 5 — last day talks are accepted.
* April 7 — final version of the program is published.
* April 10 — first review stage.
* April 18 — second review stage.
* May 2 — third review stage.
* May 9 — final slides are accepted.

If you want to join our speakers team please fill in talk submission form and program committee will contact you for further details. If your talk proposal meets all the criteria of the conference it will be added to the premature program. We are waiting for your talks!

If you have any questions related speakers registration or program preparation feel free to contact us on

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