Chicago Genius Herald Submission Form
Thank you for your interest in pitching to The Chicago Genius Herald!

We’ve got a few of things you should keep in mind as you pitch with us. These aren't a guarantee we’ll take your pitch, but it is a guarantee that we’ll take your pitch more seriously and be able to give you better feedback for future submissions.

- Keep it local. We’re a Chicago-based comedy collective, and that means we’re looking for pitches that satirize the parts of the Windy City you’d have to be “in the know” to joke about, while still making them accessible to a wider audience. Evergreen national interest pitches are also welcome.

- Punch up, not down.

- Only pitch things you can see as full articles: When pitching, make sure you have a clear idea of where your joke will “go” and how you can heighten it within the world you’re creating.

- Please do not pitch or submit prewritten articles.

Ready to pitch? Excellent. Here’s what we’re looking for:

A minimum of five (5) headline pitches you can see becoming full articles on the site, including at least three (3) Chicago-centric headlines. If necessary, feel free to elaborate in a parenthetical as to what you think the thread of the article will be.
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